Administration Only Service

Administration Only Service

Do you need a full management package?

We agree for small blocks where all the leaseholders get on, those who understand the leases and the accounts, employing a Managing Agent can be a luxury, so, Freehold Management Services Ltd offers a national budget solution for small blocks.

Our service is primarily a web based financial and legal administration for your block. YOU take the role of the Property Manager and WE run the demand cycle, collecting payments, collect the arrears, pay the bills, full Section 20 consultation processes, companies registered office and Company Secretary and compiling the annual budget and issuing service charge accounts. When properties sell we’ll handle the legal paperwork and companies share certificates too.

Freehold Management Services Ltd does rely on at least 1 Director (or nominated person) to be the driver, as the Director(s)/Chair will then do the organising of repairs etc… and will ask us to pay contractors from the funds held by us in your Client account.

We’ll deal with Companies House and prepare the year end service charge accounts (from the demands we’ve issued, the money we’ve collected and the expenses posted on our management systems). Again this keeps you compliant with Sections 21-28 of the 1987 Landlord & Tenant Act.

The service is not a ‘fully managed’ service so you don’t get a Property Manager. In fact the property is being managed by the Directors; we’ll just be fulfilling many of the routine accounting and administrative matters. So below here’s who’ll be doing what:

The Directors/Freeholder will: Freehold Management Services will:
  • Arrange any Meetings.
  • Issue minutes of any meeting held.
  • Employ and supervise contractors, ie. cleaners & gardeners.
  • Arrange contractor quotations.
  • Organise and supervise any repairs.
  • Instruct FMS to pay contractors.
  • Carryout property inspections.
  • Provide Emergency Cover 24/7 365.






  • Issue the budget.
  • Issue Service Charge demands.
  • Issue Service Charge reminders.
  • Take any legal action on any arrears.
  • Prepare the Annual Service Charge Accounts.
  • File the Annual Return with Companies House.
  • Arrange for your Annual Accounts to be filed.
  • Take over the property utility accounts.
  • Deal with any solicitors enquires when a leaseholder sells their property.
  • Obtain competitive Buildings insurance.
  • Obtain competitive Directors insurance.
  • Supply monthly statement of accounts on-line.
  • We will arrange for the necessary Risk Assessments.
  • We will comply fully with the Section 20 consultation processes.
  • Give advice on most property matters or issues.


For more information about our Administration Only Service, please call us on 01752 603900 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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