Freehold Management Services Ltd welcomes RTM Companies and we would be delighted to be appointed as your manager / managing agent. 


For those leaseholders who are contemplating forming an RTM company, then Freehold Management Services Ltd can assist and advise you accordingly with regard to this somewhat complex provision.



If you are a lessee or resident in a block of flats and are frustrated or concerned about the current management of your block, the law empowers you and your fellow residents to take control of the management of your block from the current Freeholder or managing agents by instigating the Right to Manage (RTM) Process.


Key Features


One of the key features and successes of the Right to Manage brought in by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, is that it is not necessary for you or your fellow leaseholders to prove any fault on the part of the current management in order to take control over your block. In simple terms, you as a lessee have an absolute right to decide who should manage your block and care for your home. 


General Overview 

As a general overview there are three key requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for the Right to Manage procedure to be commenced:

1. At least 50% of the flat owners need to be in agreement.
2. At least 75% of the block must be residential.
3. At least two thirds of the residential units must be let on long leases (at least 21 years).

It is recommended to obtain support for the Right to Manage process informally, and only where enough lessees display an interest are matters progressed to the next stage.

Freehold Management Services Ltd, we can assist you in the Right to Manage process from start to finish. Why not call us today on 01752 603900 to see how we can help.

Click here to view the full Right to Manage document from The Leasehold Advisory Service.