FMS stands out in the field of freehold management and, as a solicitor who practices in this area of law, I see how the other agents conduct the management of block of flats large and small.

The secure on-line portal created for the leaseholders to review / download property information and to deal with maintenance issues is something that all managing agents should adopt and is an important part of the excellent communication I see from FMS.

The manner in which difficult issues are dealt with is testament to the effort that this company puts into dealing with the people who are the customers, something that seems to be lost on many other organisations dealing with property matters.

FMS has set a standard that other should follow and I find it difficult, if not impossible, to recommend any of my clients to any of the other local competitors.

Charles Knapper LLB (Hons) IEng IMarEng MIMarEST
FMS Company Solicitor / Fursdon Knapper Solicitors

We have worked on many occasions with Freehold Management Services over several years. We have carried out many building inspections, asbestos surveys and fire risk assessments for Don and his team on a variety of buildings from small residential conversions to much larger purpose-built developments.

We have always found Freehold Management Services to be a trustworthy and reliable firm of managing agents. Don and his team give clear and precise instructions and are excellent in seeing through building repairs and improvements. Don has excellent systems in place for managing buildings, companies and accounts, all under the umbrella of comprehensive regulation.

We have no hesitation in recommending Freehold Management Services as managing agents to our clients and have done so on several occasions.

James Barron BSc (Hons) MRICS IMAPS
FMS Company RICs Surveyor / Barron Surveying Services

We have acted for Freehold Management Services for several years as the accountant for over 30 of the management companies that he represents.

The accounts are always presented in a consistent and clear way such that we can prepare the necessary accounts efficiently and in a cost-effective way. We have always found Mr Gerrard to be helpful and informative regarding any queries which we raise, and nothing is too much trouble should those queries require additional information from him.

We have no hesitation in recommending both Don Gerrard and Freehold Management Services Ltd for consideration as your block management company.

Graham Beeson
FMS Company Accountant / Beeson Weeks Accountants

As an owner at Bredon Court and a previous Right to Manage Director I would like to make the following comments reference your Management Services.


My first comment would be to congratulate you on your excellent portal for owners and R.T.M. Directors. It is easy to access and keeps us well informed of your actions such as financials, outstanding issues, rules and regulations and minutes of the yearly AGM. Having been on the board when you were appointed, I know such a facility was not as available from your competitors.


Secondly as a previous customer care trainer for many years I know the importance of good communication and, compared to the previous company, you have always endeavoured to keep us informed. One area which you excel at is that you do respond immediately to any enquires, this I know as a trainer does not happen in some companies in your profession.


Bredon Court is a large development of 42 plus apartments and 8 houses thus ‘hands on’ is essential to maintain the property as a whole.


As our managing agent you act quickly on any issues that might arise: an example of this is how urgent repairs are carried out quickly if there is winter storm damage.


I know I speak for many Bredon Court owners that we value your support and professionalism.


Barry Boothman
Bredon Court - Newquay

As you know I am an apartment owner at Bredon Court and a director of the RTM Company which manages the development. I have therefore had extensive dealings with you and your colleagues since you took over as managing agents and I have been very impressed with the service you provide.

Bredon Court is a large development of residential and holiday let properties. This mixed use creates a wide range of demands and challenges in the day-to-day management of the estate and the location is also prone to extreme weather conditions. FMS has provided first class support to the RTM Company by responding effectively and diligently to issues, often going beyond the remit of their role as managing agents, to ensure all problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Their service includes efficient account management and an online portal allowing owners easy access to extensive information and a simple easy means of reporting problems quickly. My experience is that FMS adopt a 24/7 philosophy and take a real pride in delivering genuinely helpful and professional service whenever problems arise.

I greatly appreciate the support you and your colleagues have provided at Bredon Court and I wish FMS every success for the future.

David Heeney
Director / Leaseholder / Bredon Court - Newquay

The Bridge is a high quality residential building of 18 apartments within an exclusive waterside marina village.

Freehold Management Services have provided the Managing Agent services to The Bridge for over the 10 years that I have been a Director of the Management Company of the building.

They have provided excellent support in the day to day administration, operation and maintenance of the building and have also been most effective in the delivery of larger projects such as the installation of a new door entry intercom system and the periodic external redecoration.

Courteous, pragmatic and responsive, they are a pleasure to work with.

Mike Horrell
Director / Leaseholder

I write in praise of Freehold Management Services and all their staff. I am a leaseholder of Tamar View Residents’ Association, the company that collectively own the two buildings of 114 and 116 Durnford St Plymouth. I own two of the ten flats and am currently in negotiations to buy a third. I am also Chairman of the Board of Directors of TVRA.

Over the last ten years since I bought my first flat and moved into it I have had many dealings with FMS, both as a leaseholder and as a Director.

As a Director I have been impressed at how they have handled the many necessary routine matters such as arranging our Annual Meetings, collecting the maintenance monies from sometimes recalcitrant leaseholders, and ensuring that repairs and general maintenance are carried out as needed efficiently. In particular this was so when they pointed out that as an HMO we needed to have a proper fire alarm system fitted a few years ago. Getting this organised and paid for was by no means trivial.

As a leaseholder I have found that I can draw upon their expertise even when it is not strictly a management problem. This has been very useful to me personally as I have been in at times adversarial negotiations in my attempts to buy the third flat. Only their help has allowed this matter to proceed now so close to success. Their time has been available to me far beyond their mere professional duty, for which I am most grateful. I especially thank Don Gerrard and Pat Hendy for their calmness and helpfulness under sometimes difficult circumstances.

A company well recommended.

Ron Smith
Director / Leaseholder

I would like to record my appreciation of the work of you and your staff. Whenever I telephone or visit your office I am always met with courtesy, your staff are friendly, professional and efficient. Each member of the staff seems willing to help. I have never had an occasion when phoning or visiting been greeted with for example ‘so and so is not here you need to see them’, when the person I wish to speak to is not in the office. An attempt is always made to answer the question if possible and a note is always taken.

The past year has been a particularly difficult year, in which you and your staff have been very supportive. As you are well aware there have been difficulties with leaseholders not paying their service and maintenance charges in addition one leaseholder having the flat reprocessed by their finance company this put an additional strain on both your Compliance Officer and Finance Officer.

It is always a pleasure to deal with Freehold Management Services as I am always greeted with professionalism and a touch of friendship; your staff are always willing to help.

I find Freehold Management Services a safe and competent company to handle the affairs of Patna Place Management Ltd and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any prospective client.  Keep up the good work.  Well done.


Vic Ashton
Director / Leaseholder / Patna Place - Plymouth

It has come to my attention that Freehold Management Services Ltd. has been nominated for the “ Smaller Managing Agent of the year “ Award once more!

Am absolutely delighted and cannot but support your application based upon the work you done for my properties over the years.

My business consists of a considerable number of buildings containing flats that I both own and others that are leased for letting purposes, but all the Freeholds are belonging to me.

Over the years since I first purchased various properties, going back to the early nineties, I looked after many of the lettings, leaseholders  and all of the Freehold matters myself along with my accountant but, in the last ten years, or so, business has become much more legalistic and, as a result, much more problematic for those, like myself, who hold Freehold properties that are both divided into letting units and who have a considerable number of leaseholders.

Accordingly, I decided I needed professional help to help reduce my legal exposure, to absolutely ensure that every aspect of my Freehold business was fully professionally managed and that my cash flow from leaseholders was assured.

Freehold Management Services Ltd, was strongly recommended to me by both my lawyers and Accommodation Agents and, having carefully reviewed their history and being impressed by their approach, passed the Management of my Freehold properties over to them. Since that time, we have developed a superb relationship and one that I would recommend, and have done so, one hundred percent to prospective customers.  It also enables one to sleep at night with having their guidance as to meeting all one’s legal requirements.

I wish Freehold Management Services every success in seeking the ARMA Award which, in my opinion, they thoroughly deserve to achieve.

David Wilcox
Freeholder / Leaseholder

Donald Gerrard and his team, in particular Anne Johnson, have been looking after our block of flats since June 2017. During that time we have had to deal with an ongoing series of major structural issues to the building and major reorganisation of the finances.

As a director of the property, I have found FMS to be extremely efficient and prompt in all my dealings with them and always courteous and helpful.

I cannot recommend their organisation highly enough.

Kate Tobey
Director / Leaseholder / Hopton Road - London